This is an invitation. An adventure invitation, for you to discover us and share with us a different mpment, away from the daily stress, troubles, and the lack of nature; for you to getinto action, to move your body, to feel the adrenaline on the peaceful landscape. An invitation for you to enjoy. Listening again to earth and water sounds, to feel the soft breeze on your face, to feel that real happiness for being alive, to be experiencing something different, sharing it with your friends and family. This is an invitation for you to know Sin Fronteras Adventure, a different proposal to meet and live the Pyrenees. Our activities are oriented to those who search unique experiences, accompanied by funny guides and surrounded by a spectacular scenery, The Pyrenees.

Company’s Profile

Our style can be described as informal, spontaneous, friendly and funny. Our objective is to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere and at the same time to encourage you to discover a natural world. Our programs are characterized for their quality service including bilingual and specialized professionals, excellent predisposition and specific equipment for each activity with optimal safety conditions. Taking adventure trips not always mean to make strenuous effort. The earth discovery, culture, history and local traditions are important factors. Our journeys are specially designed to achieve this purpose, and our guides will help you enjoy the culture of the places you visit.


Our guides are always ready to help, making every effort to make the holidays unforgettable and to be sure that trips are full of discovery. They all have lots of experience in the activity the guide, and have worked all over the world (Argentina, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Marrakesh) which ensures great level of professionalism and safety. All our guides are certified by different international federations, such as IRF (International Rafting Federation), FIRaf (Italian Rafting Federation) and are in continuous formation process in wild water rescue (rescue 3) and first aids.