In this opportunity, we’ve adapted the well known Stand Up Paddle, using special and resistant gear for you to try the feeling of challenging the Esera river’s rapids, but this time standing up, testing all your senses and your skills. And if you fall, you’ll get a nice dip in the river, and then start once again!

In this activity, you don’t need to be an expert, all you need is to be enthusiastic trying something new, different and challenging. You will go equipped with wetsuit, life jacket and helmet, and the SUP has the special feature of being inflatable! So, if you fall down, it’ll be as falling on an airbed.

Our guides will explain and teach you every secret to practice this activity, where you are the protagonist, while they help you in everything you need. That’s why there are no more excuses… Fun is guaranteed!!


Paddle surf Rio 228


We offer different itineraries, level I, level II and level III, and we’ve designed new tours in canyons that will make you enjoy and go through in a different and unique way.

Once again, we’ve decided that we want to give the best of us, and after being investigating and testing different products, we have the latest activity ready for this season, for those who are searching for challenges and innovations.

We’re waiting for you!

Sin Fronteras Adventure